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| Saunders and Walker

Over at the HR Cafe there is an open letter to the human resources folks who determine who is an exempt versus a non-exempt employee in terms of entitlement to overtime wages.

Dear HR Executive:

It’s been nearly two years since the DOL released broad changes in the overtime regulations, and you’d think people would be confident they’re in compliance. But, as the most recent B21 survey of HR execs shows, they’re not.

Why does classifying employees matter? Because when you get it wrong, you risk a huge hit to cash flow if you’re forced to pay back wages to misclassified employees.

Back wages collected are up nearly 26% since 2001.

Here is my open letter to employees who are being denied overtime wages even though their job seems pretty basic and not part of management.

Dear Employee:

You may have been mistakenly (wink, wink) considered to be an exempt employee and told that you are not entitled to overtime pay. If you think that is a possibility spend a few minutes visiting with an attorney who specializes in employment law. You may be able to recover your unpaid back wages.

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