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A motorcycle rider has posted some sobering facts about injuries and deaths on the highways. His suggestion of a motorcycle safety class is a good one. But, I would enlarge that to include safety classes for all motorists. In the latter classes, by the way, motorists should be reminded that, in fact, bicycles and motorcycles are legally sharing the road – they are not trespassers who can be ignored.

Motorcycle Safety

With over 4 million motorcycles registered in the US accounting for over 5% of total highway fatalities. This number is relatively high considering motorcycles only account for 2% of the total motor vehicles registered in the US.

The main reason motorcycle crashes result in death is because motorcycle provide no protection to the rider. Approximately 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. This is compared to only 20% for automobiles.

With all this in mind I think most motorcycle riders should attend a motorcycle safety class. It is very important that a motorcycle rider learn how to properly handle his bike in various different road and weather conditions. Braking and maneuvering in different situations and conditions is very important in staying safe on a motorcycle.

I feel if more of us motorcycle riders learned how to properly handle these situations there would be less fatalities involving motorcyclist.

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