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Paintball is spreading as an activity across Florida. Wherever there is an empty field there is a chance that paintballers are staging a war game. Following certain safety rules can avoid injuries to bystanders and players. Maybe the rules should be called the Rules of Engagement.

Paintball Safety Rules

Gun safety

*Never fire, or even point, your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot
your paintball gun to make sure your paintballs are not traveling any faster than 300 feet per second (“cranking up” the velocity of your marker only causes more balls to break in your barrel and less accuracy – while also having the potential to hurt your fellow players)
*Do not turn off the trigger safety switch until the game has begun. Turn the safety back on immediately at the end of the game.
*Always use a barrel plug or barrel sleeve. Do not remove it until either the game has begun or you have been instructed to by an official

Playing Safety
*Never shoot at anyone that is not wearing a mask
*Never shoot at any object that is not meant to be shot at (do not vandalize, duh)
*Never shoot at any animal
*Never fire in public places or places where un-masked people, animals, or objects not meant to be shot may be present
*Stop firing at the conclusion of a game, and do not fire until the game has begun or an official has given permission
*If you are within 15 feet of a person, give them a chance to surrender before shooting at them

Excerpts from Vandeta article

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