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Buckling up is something we do with little thought. Except for those of us who have survived serious automobile crashes because we were wearing our seatbelts.

Seatbelts Save Lives In Car Accident

A car hit a guardrail and launched over it – plummeting 30 feet into a shallow stream. This car accident occurred on Providence Road in Northbridge Thursday. Luckily the driver and two passengers involved in the crash were wearing seatbelts and escaped the wreck with only minor injuries.

Imagine falling head-on into a 30-foot ravine and surviving the impact. This is yet another example of seatbelts saving lives. Please remember to buckle up.

My fellow blogger, Mark Decof from Rhode Island, posted this article yesterday. It reminded me of the day only a few years ago when my SUV rolled over twice after a collision with another vehicle. My seatbelt held me in place so well that I was barely scratched.

What was amazing about the rollovers was the fact they seemed to be happening in slow motion. If I had to estimate the total time from crash to the final stop of my vehicle on its side I would have said 30 seconds. But, obviously, everything could only have taken a very few seconds. During the rollovers I was able to have a conversation with myself and marvel at how well the seatbelt was performing. It was unreal to have time slow down. But, it was only because of the seatbelt that I walked away from the wreck of my SUV.

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