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| Saunders and Walker


A state-court jury in Delaware two weeks ago ordered that Boston Scientific Corp. must pay $100 million to a Delaware woman who blamed the company’s vaginal-mesh inserts for leaving her in constant pain and unable to have sex.


The verdict is the largest so far against Boston Scientific over its vaginal-mesh inserts and eclipses a $73 million award last year to a Texas woman who blamed the company’s Obtryx sling for her injuries. This is also the first verdict after Boston Scientific agreed last month to pay $119 million to settle nearly 3,000 cases and claims to women who say they were injured by the company’s vaginal mesh products for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.


In this trial the jury also found that failing to alert doctors to the devices’ faulty design, Boston Scientific engaged in fraud.  The jury also found that Boston Scientific’s Pinnacle and Advantage Fit inserts were defectively designed and company executives conspired to hide the flaws from patients. This contributed to the decision to award the plaintiff $75 million in compensatory damages and hit the company with a $25 million punitive-damages award.


Nationwide the makers of these dangerous devices are facing over 70,000 mesh related lawsuits. Along with Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, C.R. Bard, and Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon unit all have been named in various mesh implant lawsuits. J&J recently began negotiating a settlement in regards to the Ethicon suits but only after losing several well-publicized lawsuits


From their inception these dangerous mesh products were defective and have caused a myriad of painful and debilitating injuries in tens of thousands of patients. In 2012, the FDA ordered manufacturers to study rates of organ damage and complications linked to the devices after mesh-related lawsuits began to mount. Women who had a vaginal mesh or bladder sling implanted to treat pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence were put at needless risk and suffered catastrophic complications from these medical devices.


With this verdict the jury made a loud and clear statement that Boston Scientific has to take responsibility for the harm these defective devices have caused. At Saunders & Walker, we continue to accept cases on behalf of patients harmed by these dangerous and flawed surgical mesh products.




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  1. Gravatar for dakey

    I want to be the first to say to all Doctors that used Vaginal Mesh products that Butchered Women . You got had, u know that old statement. You Doctors that went to school for 13 years u got used. These Corporations used you and you used Women. Why would Doctors that believed in themselves for all these years allowed a salesmen and dictators , low down good for nothing crime lord tell u how to make money. You lower you beliefs and you got hooked. What should women do now that we know Doctors are low down snakes in the grass people that Hate women . Money is that powerful to you , making you all criminal. Women should press charges against you Doctors for allowing salesman in the operating room. Thats a separate lawsuit all together. Now Doctors that have implanted vaginal mesh in women are running around like a dog with their tail between there legs. Its Shameful to know I was lied to all these years about disease and cures and over all foolishness from Doctors. Witch Doctors are what you are ( fake pretending practices) . You can not be trusted I guess any 2 armed and 2 handed human can catch a baby . You just can never do (Right ) You Corporations should be charged with Attempted Murder . You Always Knew . That money you all stole belongs to the women of Vaginal Mesh Products!!!! You Stole Our Lives For Profits. Give It All Back !!!!!!!

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