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| Saunders and Walker

Recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI) requires a major rehabilitation effort. Often, a significant part of legal representation of the injured person is devoted to assuring maximum care is obtained. One example of the need for an advocate of proper rehabilitation is provided by a recent study which shows that some particular groups of brain injured persons can sometimes experience a poorer outcome than others with similar injuries.

Functional outcomes from inpatient rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury: how do hispanics fare?

CONCLUSIONS: Hispanics showed significantly reduced long-term functional outcome after rehabilitation relative to whites. Rehabilitation professionals should recognize the possible impact of individual differences and diverse sociodemographic, injury, and rehabilitation characteristics so that differential health outcomes among TBI survivors can be reduced or eliminated.

Every victim of a traumatic brain injury deserves the best of care so that the outcome is maximized. Hispanics, whether in Florida or elsewhere in the U.S., should not experience a reduced long-term functional outcome relative to any other group.

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