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Exactech Replacement Lawsuits

woman patient show her scars surgical total knee joint replacement

Exactech Implant Failures

When someone decides to have hip, knee, or ankle replacement surgery, they trust that the surgery and implanted medical device will make their lives and mobility easier. However, there are times when medical devices fail or are defective and can cause further pain or injury. This is not the news one wants to hear after recovering from major surgery. Unfortunately, this has been the case with some Exactech medical implant devices.

What did Exactech Recall?

Exactech is a medical device company that develops joint replacement implants, surgical instruments, and smart technologies. Over the last year, Exactech has issued a series of recalls due to defective hip, knee, and ankle implants, causing early failures of the medical devices. The problems were first noticed with Exactech knee and ankle polyethylene plastic liners and have now expanded to the Exactech hip Connexion GXL acetabular liners.

When Exactech notified patients of the issues with the hip, knee and ankle implants, they recommended scheduling an appointment with their doctors for an evaluation to determine if there has been any deterioration or failure and whether surgery might be necessary to replace the implant.

Symptoms Related to Exactech Hip, Knee and Ankle Implant Complications

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Weakening or loosening of the hip joint
  • Degeneration or disappearance of bone tissue (osteolysis)

Finding an Exactech Hip, Knee and Ankle Implant Lawyer

If you or someone you know has an Exactech hip, knee or ankle implant and is experiencing side effects, you should consult a physician and a defective medical implant attorney to discuss possible legal options. Exactech is offering to cover recall-related out-of-pocket expenses through a claims reimbursement process on its website, but this requires you to pay for any medical expenses upfront and be reimbursed by Exactech later. The claims will be processed on a case-by-case basis, so there is no way to know if you’ll be fully reimbursed.

A medical device attorney familiar with Exactech cases can help those suffering injuries from the failed devices to seek compensation for not only medical expenses due to additional treatment and/or corrective revision surgery but also for pain and suffering and lost income incurred as a result of the implant’s failure.

The attorneys at Saunders & Walker P.A. have decades of combined experience fighting for those injured by defective medical devices and are handling Exactech hip, knee and ankle implant cases. We can help you determine the best path forward to managing a failed Exactech device. For more information or a free case evaluation, call 1-800-748-7115 or contact us online.

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