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Blog Confession In DUI Death

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Confession may be good for the soul but not necessarily on your blog. A Florida teenager, who admitted in his online journal that he caused an accident which killed his best friend, has pleaded guilty to DUI-manslaughter. Blake Ranking was a passenger in the back seat of a car that crashed Oct. 3, 2004, fatally injuring Jason Coker, 17, and seriously injuring Nicole Robinette. Why was he charged as the driver? He yanked the steering wheel. Why did he yank the steering wheel? His blood-alcohol level measured 0.185, more than twice the limit at which Florida law presumes a motorist to be too drunk to drive (and, apparently, to be a safe passenger). Although Ranking told troopers he could not remember the accident, he posted what investigators and prosecutors viewed as a confession online. It began, “I did it.” Case closed.

From the Orlando Sentinel news story