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Falling Debris Kills Two Workers

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Fellow InjuryBoard blogger, Richard R. Schlueter in Atlanta, posts the sad story of two workers killed when a front end loader caused debris to fall 19 floors on a construction site.

The events occurred in Dallas, but they could just as easily occur in Atlanta or Tampa Bay. In Florida, the families of the workers would have rights under our Workers’ Compensation Laws and potential rights against someone other than their employer. Justice for families in this situation requires a full investigation of all of the possible avenues to compensation and security.

Two Workers Killed On The Job From Falling Debris

In Dallas, two men were recently killed after falling debris fell on them from 19 floors above. The authorities says a front end loader was moving concrete above where the men were positioned and caused it to fall directly on top of them. The men were preparing to haul off the debris as the debris fell onto the cab of their truck.

Incidents like this are always tragic no matter who is involved. One benefit to those left behind is that the family members of these two men might have a workers compensation cause of action against their employer. Contact a personal injury attorney if you have additional questions concerning on the job injuries and your rights to a settlement.