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FedEx Ground Drivers Not Independent Contractors

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FedEx Ground does a great job handling packages but not such a great job handling some of its employees. This story from US Newswire is only the tip of the troubles FedEx has brought on itself by trying to be cute with its drivers and their relationship with the company.

FedEx Ground Could Be Out Nearly $100 Million from Recent Employment-Related Legal Actions and Tax Assessments

(R)ecent cases decided since last December in which the misclassification of workers has been a significant issue:

– Estrada v FedEx Ground, $5.3 Million State Superior Court award (plus $12.5 in court-imposed fees) for misclassifying California drivers as independent contractors.

– Wieber v. FedEx Ground, $7.35 million awarded to a Portland, Oregon driver who was defrauded and unjustly terminated.

– Issa v. FedEx Ground, $61 million awarded two California- based, Lebanese-American drivers for ethnic discrimination and harassment while maintaining a hostile workplace.

Vincent v. FedEx Ground, $3.75 million California jury verdict in a personal injury case in which the plaintiff demonstrated that the FedEx Ground driver was an agent of the company and not an independent contractor.

The Vincent case is particularly important to those injured in accidents caused by negligent FedEx Ground drivers.