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John's Pass Boardwalk Dangerous For Pedestrians

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The purpose of a boardwalk is to provide a pleasant place for pedestrians to stroll. When a boardwalk becomes so dangerous for pedestrians that caution signs are necessary, some repairs are needed immediately. The John’s Pass boardwalk is the proverbial “accident waiting to happen” – when it does happen there will be legal liability for the injuries caused. Tampa Bay’s 10 News tells the story:

Madeira Beach, Florida – John’s Pass has scenic views, but strolling along the boardwalk can get dangerous. Twenty-five-year-old warped, uneven boards make for difficult walking.

Jeff Gibeault has a front row seat from his restaurant on the boardwalk.

Jeff Gibeault, Owner of Tom and Jerry’s:
“I have seen people do headers, and take a pretty nasty fall.”

Mayor Charles Parker is preparing caution signs that will go up in the next few weeks. And he’s working to determine how extensive the repairs need to be.