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"You Must Pay The (Hospital) Bill Even If The Care Almost Killed You Five Times"

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We all know hospital care can be expensive. Kemp Roberts has seen just how expensive after his planned five day hospitalization was extended to almost five months as a result of improper care. So what is any fair-minded health care facility to do when something like this happens? The answer, apparently, is to sue the patient/victim who almost died five times while running up his huge bill.

The story from The New Bern Sun Journal:

A man who went into the Craven Regional Medical Center thinking he was staying for five days but stayed nearly five months is still awaiting the outcome of the hospital’s $650,000 lawsuit against him.

The former patient is adamant about not paying the bill for his hospital stay.

Kemp M. Roberts Sr. went into the hospital on May 27, 2003. At an earlier civil court hearing his attorney said he went into the hospital to have part of his lung removed. The prognosis from physicians was that Roberts would have to stay in the hospital for five days.

Becky Tench, an independent nurse with 35 years of experience in medical records, said in sworn documents that Roberts’s long stay was because of the medical care he received at the hospital.

Tench was asked by Roberts to examine the hospital records.

“His condition deteriorated after the surgery due to lack of care and negligence on the part of the hospital and staff,” Tench stated in her affidavit.

Roberts’ attorney said in court that his lung filled with fluid and blood. His health became worse and he nearly died five times.

“He had a stroke, kidney failure, infection, loss of sight in one eye, right hand trembling, difficulty walking and can no longer work,” said Hiram Mayo Jr., Roberts’ attorney.