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Why Trial Lawyers Take Flak

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From Alabama comes this explanation of the role of the trial lawyer in our society. From Florida I say Thank You.

What exactly IS a “trial lawyer”?

The elections are in full swing and from now until the first part of November, we will be hearing the smearing on TV, the radio and perhaps even in public forums.

Another ad goes on and on about “trial lawyers”, basically equating them with Sadaam Hussein or worse.

What is a trial lawyer though? Have you ever thought about it?

Here is how one association summarizes its mission:

“are committed to preserving the civil justice system, protecting open access to courts, protecting individual rights, promoting individual and corporate responsibility, and preserving the highest of ethical and educational standards for the profession.

We represent and protect the interests and rights of individuals and consumers. We are united in our goals to promote justice for the public good, safe products and services, a safe workplace, and a clean environment.”

The reason trial lawyers catch so much flak in Alabama is because they are the only barrier between the people of this state and the uncaring, selfish, greedy corporate interests that dominate Alabama and its politics. The banking and insurance industries, the medical community, the timber/paper industry and of course mining and petroleum- they can’t stand trial lawyers because trial lawyers are watchdogs and the fox doesn’t want a watchdog watching the henhouse. The fox has a mission and a watchdog just slows him down.

The next time you hear the term “trial lawyers”, remind yourself that regardless of what big business says, the trial lawyer is looking out for our best interests.