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This Doctor Is One Fearless Son-Of-A-Gun

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A doctor who supports a single-payer system for health care in America – Dr. Benjamin Brewer – has posted his manifesto on the internet. I have to admire his courage, but he is about to be Hillaried.

A Doctor’s RX for our broken health care system

The solution that would really put health-care dollars, and providers, to their best use would be a single-payer system — namely, government-funded health coverage for all.

It took me a while to conclude that a single-payer health system was the best approach. My fear had been that government would screw up medicine to the detriment of my patients and my practice. If done poorly, the result might be worse than what I’m dealing with now.

But increasingly I’ve come to believe that if done right, health care in America could be dramatically better with true single-payer coverage…