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Student Awarded Damages For Wrongful Suspension From College

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Colleges must treat students with fairness. A wrongful suspension of a Connecticut student has resulted in a significant verdict of compensatory and punitive damages. The story is posted on MSNBC.

BRIDGEPORT — A Superior Court jury taught an expensive lesson to Fairfield University on Friday, ordering the school to pay more than $111,000 to a former student who the jurors said was wrongly suspended four years ago.

“The message should go out not only to Fairfield University but to other colleges that kids will make mistakes and, when they do, schools have to deal with them fairly,” said jury foreman Carey Dietmann, of Trumbull. “Fairfield University didn’t do that here.”

The verdict, $36,584.77 in economic damages and $75,000 in noneconomic damages, could total as much as $200,000, because the jury of four men and two women also authorized Judge Richard Arnold to impose punitive damages. Those will be decided later.