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Putting The Obesity Society On The Scales Of Public Scrutiny

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Maybe our concern over being a little pudgy is the result of overblown rhetoric financed by drug and weight-loss companies. And, maybe the Obesity Society needs to lose some of its funding before it can truly be a lean and clean organization.

Consumer Group Exposes Obesity Society’s Conflicts Of Interest

A report released by the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) titled An Epidemic of Obesity Myths uncovers the complicated web of funding and support between weight loss and pharmaceutical industries and the Obesity Society (formerly the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO)).

CCF’s Senior Research Analyst J. Justin Wilson commented, “Our report exposes this effort by the $46 billion weight-loss industry to quietly nurture overblown rhetoric in an effort to panic the public about carrying a few extra pounds and force Medicare and HMOs to cover the cost of their drugs and programs. Pharmaceutical and weight-loss companies have invested millions of dollars in institutes, researchers, and studies — all squarely aimed at hyping the ills of being overweight.”

Today, as the Obesity Society commences their annual scientific meeting in Boston, CCF reminds journalists, scientists and anyone who buys into the worst of the “obesity epidemic” rhetoric, that much of the research put out by Obesity Society faculty has hyped the problem far beyond what’s appropriate in dispassionate scientific discourse.