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NY Child Victim Act May Come Up For Vote Today


The much antipated Child Victim Act may finally reach a vote in the NY State Legislature today. The bill has been aggressively opposed by the NY State Catholic Conference and Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and Rockville Centre Bishop William Murphy.

The bill has been amended by its sponsor Rep. Margaret Markey to include both public and private institutions. The measure would allow childhood victims of sexual abuse the opportunity at justice in the courts. Since the statute of limitations has long since passed in many of these tragic cases, the bill would allow those abused by priests, nuns, teachers, and other public officials to bring lawsuits against the perpetrators as well as the institutions who covered up the systemic abuse. One amendment to the bill which is not so good but necessary for passage is the age restriction placed on the measure. Only those who have not reached their 53rd birthday would be eligible.

In sum, here’s hoping the bill passes so that thousands of childhood sex abuse victims can seek justice and healing.


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  1. Pete says:
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    Sadly those who were most violently raped will not get justice. The more violent the rape, the longer the victim is in a trauma.

    IMPORTANT: The age limit was an important rule to prevent bishops from exposure which is why they were so angry. Most victims who are older are now mentally ill and have no recourse. How painful an age limitation is to those victims is horrible. One trauma after another, when does it end? At death?

    Notice the Catholic politicians who serve their RCC before the pains of the many victims. Many bishops meet with politicians privately but refused to meet with the many victims.

  2. up arrow

    http://www.bishop-accountability.org/abusetracker for DAILY vetted & verified reporting on the USCCB (Unremoved Sexual Criminal Cabal Bishops) & Roman “La Cosa Nostra” Pedo Curia Cult.

    THE SOLUTION? “STOP DONATING LAITY” as St. Peter Damien correctly asserted & was canonized for.

    There is no middle ground here laity, you are either a financial supporter of these pervasive pedo enablers, perpetrators, racketeers, aid * abettors, obstructors of justice, liars, and theives, pretending to be miters or reds hats, or you are not.


    Fiat Lux & Veritas!

    Albino Luciani,

  3. bostonpadre says:
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    New Yorkers have a GREAT opportunity to show compassion and protection in this bill. As a priest, AND as a victim of clergy abuse, I can only STRONGLY encourage law makers to pass this bill — in spite of the “opposition” from the Catholic Church.

  4. SMP TURLISH says:
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    It is unconscionable for religious denominations and their leadership to protect and enable sexual predators by refusing to support changes in the laws that would hold both the perpetrators and their enablers accountable.

    In all good conscience, I strongly encourage all people of good will in the state of New York, including Catholics, to support criminal and civil laws that are as strong as possible in holding the sexual predators of our children and any individuals or institutions, who were complicit in their protection, accountable.

    Sister Maureen Paul Turlish
    Victims’ Advocate
    New Castle, Delaware

  5. victoriag says:
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    Well, there is nothing left to be said now. Either children are entitled to the Dignity and Right to be treated as Human Beings and Children of GOD, or they are not. Is it against the law of a Civilized Decent Society to rape and sodomized little children, or it is not?

  6. Diogenes says:
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    When is RICO going to be enforced by the Federal Prosecutors on the single largest pedophile racketeering criminal organization in the USA, lead by Bernard Law, William Leveda, Raymond Burke, Roger Mahony, Francis Georege, Eward Egan, Theordore McCarrick, etc?

    Diplomatic Immunity?… fine expel them and their pedo cult also,

    The American Roman Catholic Chirch is a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to the safety of all law abiding citizens and their children.

    Why not use the PATRIOT ACT to go after these curia scum bag? If they claim they are a foreign power declare WAR, and jail all of them as enemies of the State.

    The USCCB is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION! The evidence is overwhelming as to their decades guilt, yet no red hat or miter has yet gone to jail? WHY?!!!!

    No Justice, No Peace.


    PS New Yorkers – Vote Out Any Incumbant Politician Voting In Favor Of Killing This Bill; because they too are pedo enablers in the pocket of the RCC.

  7. Kay Goodnow says:
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    Looks to me like the institutional Roman Catholic Church has bought legislators in the great state of New York. This is the United States of America, NOT the United States of Rome.

    In the time since America became a country, we first had to admit that women, native americans and people of all creeds and races are equal to men and only recently have children had any rights at all.

    This so-called church is not a church at all, it’s a cult. RICO would be a great start here in the US, but the Corporate Institutional Roman Catholic Church has been brainwashing their own people for close to 2,000 years.

    Male and female children and vulnerable adults have been victimized by the CRCC and their priests, nuns, bishops, archbishops (etc. ad nauseum) for far too long. The cult is losing members, closing churches, and drowning in quicksand of their own making.

    Apparently, while dictating policy and suggesting how all Americans should vote, they are still lying through their teeth while paying NO taxes and claiming they are destitute.

    I am sorry that New York has failed to open a window wide enough to let these brave survivors have their day in court.

  8. NYpriest says:
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    I am a priest in NY. Me and my brother priests have been warned not to speak in favor of this legislation. The bishops have assured us that they have bought the demise of this legislation. They want this legislation to fail. They want attention off the abuse which has been and still remains rampant. We know the truth.

    I implore you to pass this legislation. Me and my brother priests want the files to see the light of day. We pray the files are opened. We know the bishops will be revealed for what they are. We need renewal in church leadership. We believe this is the work of the Holy Spirit renewing the Roman Catholic Church.

    We pray for healing and justice for the children who were abused.

    Do not let the lies and threats of closed parishes lead your decision making. With the shortage of priests, parishes will close, twin or merge regardless of this legislation.


  9. Edmund Burke says:
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    The only condition for the triumph of evil is for good men (or women) to do nothing.

  10. CMH says:
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    It’s so terrible that there is such a chasm between the RCC’s social teachings, it’s international position on Trafficking of Women and Children and yet the bishops as leaders can’t make the connection to the sexual abuse of children by their own priests and their complicity in covering it up.

    Do they think they are above the law all the rest of us have to live by?

    Members of the New York Assembly, please do the right thing, do justice by these violated individuals. Hold these bishops accountable.

  11. Kay Goodnow says:
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    Every Catholic who encourages these bishops by refusing to speak out against them is, in fact, enabling them to continue criminal activity. Bishops are liars “intent on the good of the church.” Further, had it not been for the survivors themselves, their families and friends, support groups like SNAP and Linkup, the media and the internet more lives would have been destroyed and/or ruined. They fully understand what they are doing and why. The abuse of children and vulnerable adults is a global societal problem, dating in the USA from the time when only men could “be in charge” and no one else had any rights, including males considered “inappropriate” because of race or creed.

    Those conditions still exist in state and federal legislatures. One individual seeking justice cannot be heard until everyone of us does what needs to be done to protect everyone else!

    If “reform” is to occur, it will be because all individuals (and each of us is unique) listens to the life force that exists in their hearts and souls. It’s too late for New York. Margaret Markey has tried to do what is right, and she has been wronged by an entity called “Christianity” that worships itself in the Church of the Almighty Dollar.

  12. Debby Bodkin says:
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    As a Catholic wife and mother in California, it is my hope that ALL legislators throughout the U.S. take the time to do their homework, especially as it relates to CORRECTIVE legislation that will return justice to victims denied justice, free of political, financial, religious and government interference.

    POLITICS is slowly destroying our great country. Tragically, our children will soon be leading the world. How can any moral and decent society ignore the cries of sex abuse victims and their families? God bless NY’s leaders during this crucial time.

    Anyone who doubts the horrific truths that have been revealed since California’s leaders implemented corrective legislation, California’s 2003 Sex Abuse Law, please seek your own answers. Without this legislation, hundreds of sexual predators would still be free to roam, with full access to precious and trusting children. There is still much work to do…. but without the history of public criminal and civil court records, the dirty secret crimes that destroyed so many lives will remain out of sight and out of mind.

    Without justice, there will never be peace. With peace, faith and our country’s laws are empty.

  13. Debby Bodkin says:
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  14. Korbi says:
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