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NY Child Victim Act Amended to Include Public Institutions

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In a surprising move, NY state Rep. Margaret Markey has announced that she’ll offer an amendment to her Child Victim Act bill to include public institutions as well.

The Child Victim Act is designed to give a voice to those who’ve suffered childhood sexual abuse but had no legal recourse due to the statute of limitations. The amendment will remove the sole objection the Catholic Church and other private institutions have had regarding the bill.

Now that the amendment has been offered, there should be no excuse whatsoever to oppose the legislation. Even NY Catholic Church officials were taken off guard by the announcement. A spokesperson for the NY State Catholic Conference told the NY Times, "This is not what we expected; this is something new.”

1 Comment

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  1. Judy Jones says:
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    “Even NY Catholic Church officials were taken off guard by the announcement.”…They just hate it when that happens.

    Catholic church officials do not have control over so many people anymore. The truth is finally coming out, and they seem to be in a panic.

    They have every reason to be. Do you wonder why the catholic leaders are fighting this so hard? They do not EVER want their secret documents subpoenaed, and they do not EVER want to be put on the witness stand.

    They can get away with sexually abusing kids, and for covering up these crimes, BUT they can not get away with perjury. They will go to jail for perjury….

    This Child Victim Act bill needs to pass, for the safety of kids.