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Memories Of Machine Guns

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Memories of my F.B.I. training at Quantico, VA, returned after reading this story posted at TampaBays10.com:

Sportsmen shoot up cars with machine gun

Brooksville, Florida – How would you like to destroy a bunch of cars with a machine gun?

Members from the Hernando Sportsmen Club shot up five cars and other targets with their machine guns today.

If you’re wondering about the types of people who enjoy such sport, you might be surprised.

Randy Rickert, President, Hernando Sportsmen Club:

“A lot of the people who own the guns are doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, because it’s a high end sport…it’s very expensive to shoot.”

The shoot-em-up cost $20, and you had to bring your own machine gun.

And those guns cost at least $15,000 dollars to buy.

Even though the old Thompson Submachine Gun was an impressive weapon at the range, my personal favorite was a sawed-off shotgun. Since leaving the F.B.I. for private law practice I have not owned or fired a weapon. I have, unfortunately, represented the victims of shootings and their families. Firearms can destroy much more than old cars.