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Judge Announces He Is Armed And Dangerous

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Was it the loaded gun or the shoot first threat that got this Florida judge in hot water?

Judge gets mentoring after bringing loaded gun to courtroom

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — A first-year Bay County judge was ordered to accept mentoring after bringing a loaded gun into his courtroom and announcing he was “locked and loaded.”

County Judge Michael Hauversburk told The News Herald that he brought the handgun to court because he was frustrated that a defendant facing a felony parole violation was being tried for a separate misdemeanor charge in a courtroom with inadequate security.

According to the courtroom’s recording system, Hauversburk told the defense attorney — quote — “Tell your client that the deputies have certain constraints about the rules of engagement, but I do not. If he does anything that I see as a threat to me or anybody in this courtroom, then I’m going to fire first and ask questions later.”

Hauversburk now says he overreacted.

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