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John Bryan's Double Life Reveals Tragedy of Sexual Abuse

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The recent revelations of former St. Petersburg City Council member John Bryan and his subsequent suicide demonstrate the perverse and prevalent nature of pedophiles and ephebophiles (those who prey sexually on post-pubescent teens). On the surface, John Bryan was a doting father who loved his adopted children. Yet the truth revealed that he was preying sexually on these children he had adopted. The sexual abuser could be anyone: the priest, the minister, the school teacher, a police officer, your neighbor, a friend, or even a family member. That’s why it’s so important to watch for signs of inappropriate behavior on the part of the abuser or the victim in order to prevent the tragedy of sexual abuse. As in most cases of sexual abuse, tell-tale signs were missed, the victims couldn’t come forward out of fear, and the abuse continued. It’s time the community become more vigilant for the signs of sexual abuse.