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It's Time For "Medicare" For Kids

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Maybe having my second grandchild this year has made me more sensitive to the needs of children. Maybe the weekly consultations with parents of injured children is coloring my thoughts. Or, maybe, I just can’t take the shame of the wealthiest country in the world ignoring the medical needs of our littlest citizens.

Isn’t it time that kids are guaranteed health insurance? If we can do it for seniors we can do it for children.

Health Coverage For Children Should Be “National Priority,” Opinion Piece Says

“Guaranteeing insurance for all kids should be a national priority, with a national solution and a broad funding source,” columnist Ronald Brownstein writes in a Los Angeles Times opinion piece. According to Brownstein, the increased number of uninsured children has “provoked little discussion in Washington,” where President Bush and Congress have “failed to agree on any serious steps to reverse the rise in health care costs and the decline in access,” but states have made several “important steps and could take more in November.”

Brownstein writes. He concludes that “until Washington commits to the cause, America will continue to live with the shame of denying reliable health care to one in every nine of its children” (Brownstein, Los Angeles Times, 10/15).