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Happy Valentine's Day Around The Watercooler

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Thinking of giving a lacy teddy to your secretary for Valentine’s Day? You may want to just go with a handshake.

Survey says romance at work OK

Two Valentine’s Day polls report that more than 70 percent of employers don’t have written policies against office dating, on grounds they see “no pressing need” and, among those who do, just 9 percent ban office dating outright

Fifty-four percent of men and 40 percent of women are open to dating a co-worker, while 70 percent of men and 83 percent of women call dating the boss a no-no, according to an Opinion Research Corp. poll of 4,000 singles for America Online.

Lawyers aren’t so lenient toward this workplace trend, however. Employment attorney Paul Siegel of the New York office of Jackson Lewis cites two cases showcasing potential liability risks:

A Florida prosecutor was recently slapped with a sexual-harassment complaint by the secretary he gave a lacy teddy for Valentine’s Day.

A California college professor already accused of harassing his female students sealed his legal fate when he sent them Valentine cards.