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Before Filing A Social Security Disability Claim Take This Online Quiz

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I have to say that this is a real public service. For the first time, patients can take a quick quiz to learn how successful they might be in a potential or current Social Security disability claim. The quiz was developed by culling results of over 1,000 cases, and detailed psychological testing by a licensed psychologist and vocational expert who testifies for the Social Security Administration, as well as for advocate representatives.

With the exception of 2 of the 27 quiz questions, there are no wrong answers. The closer your answers get to 100%, the greater your chances of being awarded benefits. You will need to get a score of at least 65.38% to be reasonably certain you will be granted benefits. The author cautions the quiz taker against taking the answers out of context, and emphasizes that medical professionals must have named the issues involved, and affirm that the symptoms and effects are accurate with a reasonable degree of medical certainty. The link to the quiz is here. Source