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An "Unnamed Associate" Who Defends Trial Lawyers Slandered By Outrageous Billboards

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The Unnamed Associate has a post at Legal Underground that caught my eye. She starts off saying “I’m going to complain about people complaining about lawyers.” To which I respond, “You go, girl!”

…there’s a giant billboard depicting a man in a suit with wads of cash stuffed into his mouth. The caption reads, “Please don’t feed the trial lawyers,” and the billboard is sponsored by the so-called “Institute for Legal Reform.”

As a member of the defense bar, you may assume that I automatically support such disgusting nonsense. I’m here to tell you it isn’t true – I find it loathesome.

Then Unnamed proceeds to say so many nice things about trial lawyers, particularly those who represent injured victims, that I feel she may be contemplating a career move to the plaintiff’s side. I thank Unnamed for her understanding of what people like me do for our clients day in and day out. She understands that we could not make much of a living filing frivolous lawsuits. And, she recognizes that medical malpractice is the reason for medical malpractice lawsuits.