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A Silent Prayer May Have Been Better

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Minister-lawyer Raymond Marshall got his job duties confused and his law license suspended. Public prayer in the middle of a trial was not a great idea.

Lawyer Punished for ‘Lord!’ Outburst

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — A testy exchange between a Superior Court judge and a lawyer has netted the attorney two days in jail and the temporary loss of his law license.

Judge Michael Helms also sentenced Raymond Marshall to submit to a psychologist’s examination and to perform 70 hours of community service for the contempt of court violation.

On Oct. 4, the first day of the latest trial, Helms stopped Marshall during the questioning of one of the witnesses.

Marshall said “Lord,” reared back in his chair with outstretched arms, cast his eyes upward and turned to the audience, Helms said.

“How am I supposed to take that?” Helms said Thursday as he penalized the lawyer. “If the court does not get the respect from members of the bar, we can’t have the respect from clients, and then we have anarchy.”

Marshall, who is also a minister, said the remark was the beginning of a prayer. He apologized to Helms and said he did not intend to be disrespectful or for his remark to be heard by others.