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Physician Oversight At Medical Spas

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I have never been to a medical spa. I don’t have a clue what goes on at one. But, judging by the ads in my part of Florida, they must be sprouting like Starbucks coffee shops. Medical Spas Online raises the issue of physician oversight of the spas. The full article provides some examples of services requiring medical direction and supervision.

Physician Oversight & Scope Of Practice: What’s legal in a medical spa?

We receive an ever growing number of questions about physician oversight, scope of practice, and other legal issues surrounding medical spas. What oversight is required? What can I do? What can’t I do? Here’s our opinion (ie. not a legal one.)

The quick growth of medical spas has led to something of a Wild West mentality. Many spa owners and even some physicians are trying to jump into this market. Unfortunately, this has landed a number of medical spas in hot water. Very hot. Medical spa professionals and many physicians don’t understand the legal ramifications of what they’re doing. What’s legal? What’s not?

Aestheticians and medical spa technicians performing ‘medical treatments’ are doing so under the license of a doctor. If the doctor can’t extend his license to that particular treatment, it’s not covered by his licence and is being performed illegally. Anyone, including the physician, involved with treating patients without legal medical supervision is asking for trouble.