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Nursing Error Kills Pregnant Hospital Patient

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A Florida hospital has admitted killing a pregnant patient as a result of a nursing error. The St. Pete Times reports the tragic story.

Hospital says error killed woman

An 18-year-old who had come to South Florida Baptist with labor pains received four times the ordered dosage of magnesium sulfate.

A pregnant woman died in South Florida Baptist Hospital two weeks ago because a nurse gave her an overdose of a common medicine, hospital officials said Wednesday.

Elisha Crews Bryant, 18, was seven months pregnant when she went to the hospital with early labor pains, family members said. A doctor ordered magnesium sulfate, a common treatment to slow early labor.

But the nurse who gave Bryant an IV bag of the drug mistakenly gave her too much, hospital officials said.

Bryant began having trouble breathing.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” said Bryant’s husband, Preston Bryant, 21. “I tried to tell them, and they wouldn’t listen.”

Once they realized the mistake, doctors tried to save her but could not.