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Is This An Emergency Room Or A Disaster Area?

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In case you were thinking about using the Emergency Room at Winter Haven Hospital you may want to read what is posted over at This Makes Me Sick.

Just before he resigned, Dr. Scott H. Plantz penned an 11-page resignation letter and sent it Winter Haven Hospital officials and other doctors.

Since most resignations take about one half of a page, it sounds like the doctor had something to get off his chest.

Following the link to the Lakeland Ledger’s article on Dr. Plantz’s letter-grenade:

Doctor Lambastes Area Hospital

Winter Haven Hospital’s emergency department is dangerously understaffed and neglected by the hospital administration, according to a scathing letter from a physician who recently resigned.

A partial list of the Plantz criticisms -

Too few physicians are on call as specialists in key areas…the emergency department often is short of nurses, respiratory therapists, radiology technologists and clerks, which contributes to long waits for treatment, admission or release…Lack of space that causes emergency department patients to be routinely seen and treated in hallway beds during the busiest November-May period…Delayed test results because of understaffing…Insufficient training and long shifts for some nurses.

Thank you, Dr. Plantz.