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Herniated Disc Symptoms

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For those of us who have previously experienced a painful herniated disc it is not necessary to outline the symptoms.

However, first-timers will benefit from the posting at MedicineNet.com and the links it provides.

Health Tip: Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

(HealthDay News) — Stress or injury can cause spinal discs to become herniated, which occurs when these soft cushions between spinal bones expand and press on the nerves around the backbone.

Here are symptoms of a herniated disc, courtesy of the American Academy of Family Physicians:

*Back pain.
*Pain in the buttocks, down the thigh or both legs.
*Numbness or a tingling sensation in the legs.
*Pain that feels worse during activity and better at rest.
*Pain that worsens when you cough, sneeze, sit, drive, or lean forward

The good news (from my own experience and from that of my clients) is that there are excellent treatment options now, many not requiring major surgery.