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FDA Provides Video News Programs Helpful To Consumers

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A special thanks to Everett, at US Recall News, for alerting all of us to a valuable service provided by the FDA.

FDA Patient Safety News Worth A Visit By Consumers

FDA Patient Safety News is supposed to be “A Video News Show for Health Professionals” but there is no reason why consumers could not stay up-to-date as well by watching the Internet broadcasts.

What is it, exactly?

FDA Patient Safety News is a televised series for health care personnel, carried on satellite broadcast networks aimed at hospitals and other medical facilities across the country. It features information on new drugs, biologics and medical devices, on FDA safety notifications and product recalls, and on ways to protect patients when using medical products.

The FDA Video Broadcast Center provides access to video segments or shows. It also provides access to the same information as podcasts or in the form of transcripts.

Here are some of the most recent topics:

Fatal Overdoses with Effexor

Warning on Avastin and Brain-Capillary Leaks

What Women Need to Know about Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants

New Labeling Stresses Bleeding Risk from Coumadin

Preventing Fatal Heparin Overdoses