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$5 Million Dollar Settlement For Brain Injured Newborn

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There are few injuries more devastating than a brain injury inflicted upon a newborn. In this reported settlement the child is unable to walk, talk or eat on his own. Personally, although there were probably good reasons for the settlement at $5 Million, the lifetime of expense and suffering would justify millions more in compensation.

$5 million settlement in suit over brain-damaged boy

BOSTON The New Hampshire parents of a brain-damaged five-year-old boy have reportedly reached a five million dollar settlement with a doctor and nurse at Melrose-Wakefield hospital in Massachusetts.

Michelle and Kendall Turner of Bedford said critical mistakes were made during the delivery of their son, Dustin, in 2001. The Turners contend that Dustin should have been delivered by emergency C-section and that if he had, he wouldn’t have sustained severe cerebral palsy that left him unable to walk, talk or eat on his own.