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DePuy ASR Hip Implant Settlement Agreement Released




After weeks of details being released about the multi billion dollar settlement offer in the Johnson & Johnson DePuy ASR Hip Implant Litigation, today, the full written settlement agreement was released. The Settlement offer provides for a base payment of $250,000 for one revision surgery to remove an ASR hip implant. It provides for an additional $250,000 if bilateral ASR implants needed to be removed or if a revision on one side fails again and a re-revision is necessary

All medical bills and medical health insurance liens and Medicare liens will be paid outside of the settlement so those amounts do not need to be deducted from the ASR implant patient’s recovery.

There are adjustments to the base payment based upon length of time the implant was in place and body weight. There is also an extraordinary injury fund that will pay additional amounts for complications from the revision surgery such as pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, dislocation, foot drop, infection after revision, heart attack, stroke or death after revision, and extraordinary out of pocket loss of wages or income due to revision surgery.

DePuy has a right to walk away from the settlement if more than 6% of those eligible elect to reject the settlement and go on to trial in court on their legal cases.

Payments under this agreement would be made in the summer of 2014.





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  1. rick says:
    up arrow

    What happens to people that DR.told them a revision surgery was needed.
    but due to other health issues it would be to risky
    age also factor???NO ONE SEEMS TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION, I know their are others wondering about this.my case was filed in 2012 in the mdl2197

  2. John Addison says:
    up arrow

    J&J was due in federal court in mid Dec. in Toledo Ohio. All I can see is that they have gained another 7 months before they have to pay a dime and if they want to they can walk away and I suppose that the entire process will begin again. That would mean that J&J would most likely get another delay to prepare that case. It is all about J&J keeping their $$ as long as possible. We who suffered just have to wait.