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NY State and Big Apple Sue Merck for Fraud

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NY Attorney General and son of former Governor Mario Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against Merck and Co. for fraudulently concealing safety information about the embattled drug Vioxx. NY joins ten other states who have sued the company for failing to disclose safety information about Vioxx. NY city Mayor Michael Bloomberg has also joined the lawsuit which seeks restitution for tens of millions of dollars the city and state spent on Medicaid patients in a prescription drug assistance program from 1999-2004. States compile lists of drugs for which they’ll provide assistance to the elderly or Medicaid patients and the suit alleges that “Merck tried to distort each negative disclosure about Vioxx. Merck cherry-picked outcomes from its own research, omitting material information that would have communicated Vioxx’s real cardiovascular dangers.”