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Chantix May Receive Stronger Warnings from FDA

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The smoking cessation drug Chantix may receive a stronger warning label from the FDA after a non-profit group found the drug linked to seizures and motor vehicle accidents. The group, Institute for Safe Medication Practices, found that 1,001 serious accidents involving Chantix users were reported just this year. While the FDA acknowledged the group’s findings, Chantix maker, Pfizer has questioned the reports. Pfizer has been beset by negative publicity regarding its drug Chanitx for over a year now.

According to Dr. Curt Forberg, "The most alarming thing about the numbers is the increase in loss of consciousness like a blackout, and the sudden [temporary] loss of vision. That’s potentially very dangerous for everyone, as the traffic-accident numbers show," said Curt Furberg, a professor at Wake Forest University’s medical school. Dr. Furberg is a co-author of the institute’s report and frequently sits on FDA expert committees.