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ReNu Contact Lens Solution & Serious Eye Infections

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My fellow InjuryBoard Blogger, Joe Saunders, and I are mentioned in the same news article in today’s St. Pete Times detailing the widening concerns about serious eye problems associated with the use of ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution. Our prior blog postings on this tragic situation were among the earliest in the country.

Eye fungus sparking lawsuits

Sixty of the 186 cases of a rare eye infection are in Florida.

On Thursday, a 63-year-old New Port Richey woman filed a federal lawsuit in Tampa against Bausch & Lomb Inc., blaming the company’s ReNu with MoistureLoc solution for causing the infection that can lead to blindness.

Mary Scorzafava suffered 80 percent loss of vision in her eye and had to have her scarred cornea “scraped” during surgery to remove infected tissue, said her lawyer, Joseph Saunders of Pinellas Park.

A Sarasota woman filed a similar lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court in Tampa. Many of the Florida cases appear to have originated in the Miami area, but the infection has been reported in Tampa, Palm Harbor, Venice, Jacksonville, Coral Springs, Sarasota, Lakeland and Boca Raton.

Part of the frenzy may lie in the fact that Bausch & Lomb did not pull the product off shelves in the United States until long after it knew there was a problem in Asia. On Thursday, the company said it was alerted last fall to an increase among lens wearers in Hong Kong, but a review of the cases found no link to MoistureLoc.

“I think they were thinking, “What happens in Asia, stays in Asia,’ but if it’s the same product, why make that assumption?” said Robert J. Carroll, 63, a Clearwater personal injury Clearwater who has been approached by at least four potential victims. “How could they be blind to the horror of this spreading?”

Bausch & Lomb stopped shipping the product April 10. Users may suffer the consequences of the tardy withdrawal from the market.