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Picking A Safe Halloween Costume

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A safe Halloween starts with a safe costume. Don’t let your child’s costume cause injury.

Expert Offers Tips For Picking Safe Halloween Costumes

Whether your child wants to walk down the aisle as a beautiful bride, go on an adventure as Dora the Explorer, spin webs like Spiderman, or sail the high seas of the Caribbean like Captain Jack Sparrow, there’s one thing they all should have in common – a safe Halloween costume.

While Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids of all ages, it can also be one of the most dangerous, if the proper precautions are not taken, says Pamela Pucci, RN, a nurse educator in injury prevention and community outreach at the University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center.

– Don’t’ vanish, be visible: Dress your child in bright-colored clothing that will be visible to motorists. For darker costumes, Pucci suggests adding reflective tape to the material.

– Breathe, see and hear all evil: Pucci recommends that parents avoid buying masks that are made of hard plastic, only have small openings for the eyes, nasal area and mouth, and cover the entire head, including the ears.

– Keep ‘em moving: “One of the best ways to prevent falls or other accidents is to buy a costume that offers your child a wide range of motion,” says Pucci. Children should wear costumes that allow them to move freely and safely, and shoes that are flexible and sturdy for running around outdoors.

– Read the label: The safest Halloween costumes are those made with flame resistant or flame retardant materials; a costume made of 100 percent polyester is the safest choice.

– Don’t over-accessorize: No Harry Potter costume is complete without glasses. But to keep your child safe, make sure all costume glasses are wore without the lenses to allow for optimal vision.