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Old Fashioned Food Poisoning Was Never This Bad

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We used to worry about the fat content of our food. Now, suddenly, we worry about its safety. Contaminated food distributed nationwide is causing concern in our supermarkets.

More anxiety in the food aisles.

California-based Nunes Co. has issued a voluntary recall of its green leaf lettuce.

The recall involves lettuce sold under the Foxy brand in supermarkets Oct. 3-6.

The recall comes from the same region of California at the center of the nationwide spinach scare.

Irrigation water contaminated with e. Coli is thought to be the problem. But company executives say no lettuce has tested positive for the deadly bacteria.

In an unrelated food scare, ground beef is a concern.

An Iowa company recalling 5,200 pounds of pre-packaged patties sold in 7 states due to possible e. Coli contamination.

No injuries are reported.

And botulism from bottled carrot juice sold under the name Bolthouse Farms is blamed for poisoning four people.

One case was in Florida, three were in Georgia.

Three people are on ventilators and the other is paralyzed.

These are life-threatening situations, not your grandfather’s food poisoning.