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Ford Tries To Speak Swedish And English Simultaneously

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Ford both owns and disowns Volvo. Depending on what suits its purposes Ford Motor Company embraces the safety record of Volvo in marketing but fights to keep it out of product liability trials.

A USA Today article tells the tale of the bilingual company:

Ford Motor is trying to more closely align itself in advertising with Volvo, which it acquired in 1999. But in product-liability trials, Ford tries to distance itself from safety-conscious Volvo.

A Ford advertising campaign launched in October touts the safety innovation achieved in part by “Ford and our Volvo division working together.”

Meanwhile, a law firm last month filed a legal challenge to a Florida court order barring the release of Volvo crash-test documents used in a case against Ford.

Ford asked to have the trial exhibits sealed last spring after it lost a personal-injury case involving a Ford Explorer rollover accident.