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FDA Will Probe Popcorn Additive

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ConAgra Foods, most recently in the news for peanut butter contamination, is once again drawing the attention of federal authorities. This time, it’s because of an additive in their microwaveable popcorn. The additive, diacetyl, gives popcorn the buttery flavor. It’s also known to contribute to lung cancer in workers who handle large quantities of the additive. The FDA has stated that presently there is no link to the microwaveable popcorn and lung cancer but there looking into possible adverse effects of diacetyl. According to a Wall St. Journal article, “ConAgra Foods Inc., the nation’s largest maker of microwave popcorn including the Orville Redenbacher’s and Act II brands, said it is eliminating “within a year” diacetyl from its microwave popcorn.”