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Deputy Claims Taser Training Ends His Career

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There must be a better training protocol then to have a deputy sheriff take a jolt from a Taser that ends his career. On the other hand, there must be a better way to disable a subject than to expose him to the same risk. Unfortunately, Deputry Sam Powers was unable to convice a jury that Taser International should be liable for his disability. From Court TV we get more of the details.

After deliberating for less than four hours, an Arizona jury found that stun-gun maker Taser International is not liable for the lost wages or punitive damages that former sheriff’s deputy Sam Powers claimed were the result of a Taser-related injury.

During a mandatory training exercise on July 16, 2002, Powers received a 50,000-volt “hit” from a Taser and suffered severe, permanent damage, according to the suit.

Powers’ complaint alleged that Taser International requires the weapon’s users to become certified, and part of the certification process includes experiencing a Taser shock firsthand.