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Contaminated Counterfeit Colgate Toothpaste Recalled

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Tubes of toothpaste found in discount stores in four states are being recalled by the FDA because they may contain the toxic chemical diethylene glycol, better known as DEG. This chemical is sometimes illegally used as a sweetener and thickening agent. DEG is also used as a solvent in antifreeze.

Colgate-Palmolive says that the tubes of toothpaste are counterfeit and that they have never manufactured any toothpaste with DEG anywhere in the world. The company states that the toothpaste was imported from South Africa and was sent to discount stores in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Colgate-Palmolive claims they do not import from South Africa.

In addition, the tubes of toothpaste contain many spelling errors such as ‘isclinically’, ‘SOUTH AFRLCA’, and ‘South African Dental Assoxiation’. “Made in Africa” is printed on the side of the box that the toothpaste came in and the lot includes Regular, Gel, Triple and Herbal versions of Colgate.

The company states that the problem was found during routine testing by the FDA. No illnesses have been reported as of this times and the Colgate-Palmolive company is working closely with the FDA to find out who made and imported the counterfeit toothpaste.

This alert comes less than two weeks after the FDA warned consumers about recalled toothpaste from China that contained the same toxic chemical.