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Big Tobacco In Big Denial

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Shirl Kennedy, at Docuticker, has excerpted a paragraph about Big Tobacco that hits the nail on the head.

Tobacco manufacturers’ defence against plaintiffs’ claims of cancer causation: throwing mud at the wall and hoping some of it will stick

Source: Tobacco Control

“Despite the vast body of literature showing that cigarette smoking causes cancer, and despite tobacco companies’ recent admissions that smoking causes cancer, defendants used numerous arguments in these cases to deny that their products had caused cancer in plaintiffs. The cigarette companies, through their public admissions and courtroom arguments, seem to be saying, ‘Yes, smoking causes lung cancer, but not in people who sue us’.”

Thank you, Shirl Kennedy, for still another reminder why the Florida Supreme Court has announced the right of individual smokers and the families of deceased smokers to bring lawsuits against Big Tobacco for the medical devastation caused by this See No Evil industry.

Remind your friends and relatives in Florida who have suffered as a result of a smoking-related illness to seek a free screening consultation from a Florida law firm handling these claims promptly. The Statute of Limitations runs in 2007.