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ATV Safety Again – Your Attention Please

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I have not yet had the first terrible ATV injury or death accident of 2007 appear in my Florida office. It won’t be long, however, before my partners and I meet with a grieving family or a seriously injured All Terrain Vehicle operator or rider. Sometimes there is a lull during which it appears the manufacturers have done their jobs well and the operators have become more safety conscious. But, it always turns out to be just a lull, and the injuries and deaths happen again.

It may be that ATV’s are destined to take some of us to Emergency Rooms no matter what we do or say. But, we still have to keep doing and saying more about safety. Every injury or death prevented is worth the effort.

So here goes.


ATV operation and suggested operator training as well as vehicle inspection pointers are included as best practices to improve rider safety.

ATV-related deaths continue to increase and within a five-year period, the national number of ATV-related injuries has doubled.