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Bob Carroll

Nursing Home Denies Resident His Rights Before He Moves In

A Florida nursing home has devised a scheme to deny its residents important rights before they even move into the facility. A Florida Appellate Court found that the nursing home effectively buried an agreement requiring arbitration and limiting liability in a package of documents that the resident’s daughter was asked to sign while her father was on route from the hospital to the home. Holding…

Bob Carroll

Rocky Times For Nursing Home Resident Leads To Death

Rocky Mountain News tells the story of Manuela Beltran who died in a nursing home from starvation and dehydration after she was given almost nothing to drink or eat for nine days, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Denver. The details of this lawsuit show just how rocky life was for the deceased during 10 days in December.From the Rocky Mountain News comes the story of Manuela Beltran who…

Bob Carroll

Flaws In Florida Emergency Requirements For Nursing Homes

After Katrina we were shocked at the disaster in some nursing homes in New Orleans. Florida nursing home residents may not have faired any better. Last month’s mandatory evacuation of the Florida Keys lashed by Hurricane Rita revealed critical flaws in the state’s elaborate emergency requirements for nursing homes.In the afternath of Katrina we were shocked at the disaster in some nursing…

Bob Carroll

Blame The Children Of The Nursing Home Residents?

Just who is responsible for the timely and safe evacuation of the residents of nursing homes?The Louisiana Attorney General has got it right. The professions who were entrusted with the lives of their residents had the responsibility to provide a timely and safe evacuation. The relatives of the deceased residents will forever live with their loss and do not need the additional burden of the…