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Don Greiwe

Inadequate Staffing Takes its Toll in Health Care Industry

Recently, the American Nurses Association (ANA) released the results of an ongoing survey of nurses across the U.S., and the findings are grim. The survey received more than 15,000 responses from…

Joseph H. Saunders

Doctor, Pharmacist Errors Lead to Acetaminophen Overdoses

When doctors prescribe pain medicines such as Percocet and instruct their patients to take one or two pills every four hours, they may be liable for acetaminophen overdoses. While prescribing such…

C. Todd Alley

What the heck is going on in VA Hospitals?

Two shocking news reports highlight the growing concern about VA hospital negligence and the quality of care provided to our soldiers stateside.
In the first article, reports from the New York…

Don Greiwe

Health Care Industry Funds Trips for Military Doctors

Numerous health care industry corporations have been paying for the travel of top U.S. military doctors in order to influence their prescription drug medication and medical device decisions, says…

C. Todd Alley

Empowered at Home Act Returns to the Congressional Floor


Don Greiwe

Nearly 50% of Hospitals Don't Report Significant Physician Misconduct

Last month, Public Citizen reported a decline in physician discipline among state medical boards. Now Public Citizen has released another disturbing report on the health care industry. The report…

Jim Clark

Suspicious Bonus System Leads to Injury

Fox 13 Tampa Bay recently investigated a suspicious alleged bonus system in place at Brooksville Regional Hospital. According to the allegations, 47 year-old Dave Roberts arrived at the ER after…

C. Todd Alley

New Report Suggests Declining Physician Discipline

Public Citizen, a well-known, well-respected non-profit public interest organization, just released its yearly study of state medical boards for 2008. In this study, Public Citizen tracked the…

Brenda Fulmer

National Standards Planned to Measure Physician Performance

to an article published April 1, 2008, in the New York Times, a national set of
standards is currently being developed to help regulate the way health
insurance companies…

Brenda Fulmer

One out of 15 Children Hospitalized for Drug Errors

In a study to be released next week in the
April 2008 edition of the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that
roughly one out of 15 hospitalized children – a staggering 540,000 kids each…