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Bob Carroll

What We Can Learn From The Brain Injured

For approximately 10 years I attended the meetings and events of a Tampa Bay Head Injury Support Group. My contacts and friendships within the group were very enlightening to me. I learned some surprising things about the capabilities, problems and attitudes of those who are traumatically brain injured. There are far too many matters to cover in a single article so today I will mention just…

Bob Carroll

Teenagers And Alcohol – Brain Damage Likely

Teenage drinking has become an even worse concern for the health of teenagers. Medical research now shows it causes serious neurological problems in the developing brain. Excerpts from the New York Times report: Teenagers have been drinking alcohol for centuries.Public health experts regularly warn that teenage drinkers run greatly increased risks of involvement in car accidents, fights and…

Bob Carroll

A Husband's Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury

Newsweek is featuring an article by Barbara Stahura about her husband’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) and his recovery. Her story expresses the suddenness of the injury, the loss of identity and the miracle of recovery. How My Husband Came Back has a happy ending, an almost complete return of brain function. But, the darkness Ken escaped is well described. A car accident and brain injury…

Bob Carroll

Poor Care Given To Beating Victim Assumed To Be Drunk

The New York Times reports on the terribly deficient emergency services and medical care received by a retired journalist who, after a severe beating, was assumed to be just a drunk lying on a sidewalk. I am not surprised that the assumption of drunkenness impacted the attention given to the victim. Over my years of practice I have noted the same attitude toward other unconscious or…

Bob Carroll

Your Help Needed In Support Of Traumatic Brain Injury Act

It’s a long letter but an important request for help so here it is in its entirety. The Brain Injury Association of America needs your help to reauthorize and fully fund the Traumatic Brain Injury Act. Please act on both items before June 7, 2006. Support the TBI Act of 2006 Congressional Brain Injury Task Force Chairmen, Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and Rep. Todd Platts (R-PA) plan to introduce…

Bob Carroll

Subdural Hematoma – Important And Concise Information

Subdural hematoma is frequently the result of a traumatic head injury. A subdural hematoma is a collection of blood on the surface of the brain. It lies beneath the outer covering (the dura) of the brain and the brain’s surface. Use safety equipment and safety precautions at work and play to minimize the risk of a head injury. A subdural hematoma, frequently the result of a traumatic head…

Bob Carroll

Minor School Bus Accident = Head Injury

Taking the big, yellow bus to school has long been touted as the best way to keep our children safe. But is it? When a minor school bus accident results in a head injury the debate over the need for seat belts on school buses is on again. Taking the big, yellow bus to school has long been touted as the best way to keep our children safe. But is it? Read the well-researched article at…

Bob Carroll

Blogger's Journal Is His Memory

Due to my brain injury I have partial memory loss and have been investigating who I was and what I did. Because I often can’t remember yesterday this journal serves as my memory. I have decided to share my life with the world and hope to find kindred spirits. Despite being disabled I spend my time helping others in need. Bob Westbrook’s Blog is just as straightforward as his explanation for…

Bob Carroll

The More Subtle Consequences Of A Head Injury

From England comes the results of a study of long term consequences of traumatic brain injuries from the perspective of the victims themselves.“Head injury leads to a wide range of emotional, social, cognitive and physical difficulties, with primary care teams and various speciality services providing support and care to those who have returned to a home environment. Whilst most areas of…