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Joseph H. Saunders

Thousands of Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits Expected

In anticipation of a wave of lawsuits, the federal courts have issued an order coordinating the Actos bladder cancer lawsuits before one judge in the United States District Court for the…

Joseph H. Saunders

Actos Users at Risk for Bladder Cancer

The diabetes drug Actos has been associated with bladder cancer and the FDA has now required the manufacturer to provide warnings of this risk. Prior to 2011 Actos manufacturer Takeda…

Joseph H. Saunders

Zimmer Knee Implant Cases Spur Lawsuit Against Attorneys

A lawsuit filed February 16, 2011 by Zimmer, an orthopaedic device manufacturer, against consumer justice attorneys raises some interesting questions about defective or recalled products litigation…

Joseph H. Saunders

Sudden Deaths From Darvocet Without Overdose

The FDA recall of Darvocet and Darvon which are the trade names for propoxyphene was long overdue. These drugs have been on the market for over 50 years. The FDA memorandum dated November 19, 2010…

Joseph H. Saunders

Johnson & Johnson CEO: We Made a Mistake

J&J CEO William Weldon was summoned to testify before the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Thursday. In his testimony, he admitted the pharmaceutical company made mistakes…

Joseph H. Saunders

Bone Drugs May Increase Esophageal Cancer Risk

Drugs such as Actonel, Boniva, and Fosamax may increase the risk of contracting esophageal cancer, according to a new study published today in the British Medical Journal. The bone drugs belong to a…

Joseph H. Saunders

Zicam Class Action Settlement Does Not Settle Loss of Smell Injury Cases

Today, Matrixx Initiatives, Inc., the manufacturer of Zicam Nasal Spray and Swabs cold remedies, announced that it had an agreement to settle lawsuits against the Company. However, the reported…

Joseph H. Saunders

FDA Will Re-Assess Avandia

As Senate Finance Committee documents reveal that the FDA suggested GlaxoSmithKline recall its diabetes drug Avandia because of its association with heart attacks, there are more calls for the drug…

Joseph H. Saunders

Federal Fines for Off-Label Marketing May Be Paying Dividends

Perhaps the large pharmaceutical companies are finally starting to pay attention. After a few years of being penalized by large monetary fines, it may be that the big pharma executives are starting…

C. Todd Alley

FDA’s Oversight of Post-Marketing Studies Inadequate

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a new report about the FDA’s lack of post-marketing oversight in a number of the drugs which it conditionally approved.
The FDA…