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Student's Backpack Snagged By Passing Truck

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All of the facts are not in, but we have learned of a new hazard associated with backpacks and walking to school. Hopefully, this youngster will recover from his injuries. And, hopefully, the rest of us (parents, children and drivers) will be alerted to this dangerous scenario.

Orlando boy’s backpack strap get caught by moving truck

Orlando, Florida – Highway officials say a moving truck caught the hanging strap of an Orlando student’s backpack, slamming him onto the pavement.

F-H-P Trooper Kim Miller says the seven-year-old child and his mother were waiting to cross the street on their way to his school this morning when the truck snatched onto the backpack. The boy was pushed to the ground.

He was flown by helicopter to the hospital. Miller says he suffered critical and potentially fatal injuries.