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Give Bicyclists At Least Three Feet When Passing – It's The Law

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Motorists will have a new requirement starting tomorrow. They will have to provide at least three feet of clearance as they pass bicyclists. Having been a bicyclist who has been passed at 60 mph with only about two to three feet of clearance I can say even more than three feet would be a better rule, especially at high speeds.

New state law intended to prevent car-bike crashes

A new state law is intended to prevent car-bike crashes.

The law, which takes effect Sunday requires motorists to keep at least three feet of clearance as they pass bicyclists. Motorists will have to pay a $100-dollar fine if they don’t comply with the law.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, there were nearly five-thousand crashes between motorists and cyclists in Florida last year and those are just the reported crashes. It’s estimated that the actual number of car-bike crashes is four times higher.

The bicycle safety coordinator with the FDOT says the buffer zone should increase for motorists traveling at higher speeds.

Dennis Scott says drivers on a two-lane road should move into the oncoming lane, or slow down, as they pass a cyclist.

Thank you, TampaBays10.com for the timely reminder of this important new law.